Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What's on your workdesk ........ The return of the Doodly Birds .....

Back from a lovely week spent with my sister in Witney Oxford

While I was there I found time to make this Blackberry basket brooch

Do you remember this squawky lot ?
The Doodly Birds, well they have come out of hibernation
in the form of two jute shopping bags that Postmaster Glynn
asked me to make for his wife.

What amazed me once I got talking about them was how many people 
are still using their bags, it must be at least two years since I did any.

Can't stop long today as I am off to the matinee performance of
Shirley Valentine starring Jodie Prenger at the Lowry, Salford Quays.

I'm doing a bit of talking to the wall myself this week as the wandering welder 
is away in Essex.  At least I don't have to make any teas.

Enjoy your week and here's the link for a bit of deskhopping
over at Julia's place

See you soon 
Lynn x

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Summer essentials....

Laugh if you will but my summer essentials
are a basket full of Jelly Shoes 
to be worn with absolutely everything 

I'm going to have a rainbow of colours of them
as they are the most comfortable and versatile 
sandals on the planet.

They have taken over from my winter Fly London boots.

And if you are thinking  
"oh they won't look good on me, my feet are to big"
well you've no need to worry there as I take a UK size 8.
They don't get much bigger than that.

Think I might wear my yellow ones next

You can pick them up in most stores I think but mine came from 

Before you go, I just want to show you this fabulous stitched/painted picture
that friend Ruth Zanoni Roskell made from the photograph
she spotted of us Vintage Gals at Stockport Vintage Market.
Isn't it fabulous 

Paula . Me. Curtise. Vix
Linking upto 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

On the desk - Fruit trays and barkcloth


Well that was a heck of a busy week. To much going on
to comment here, you'll have to have a look at my past blog post

I picked up some lovely barkcloth vintage pieces at
a country and vintage festival in Cumbria at the weekend 
as well as an old fruit tray and some kitchenalia.

True to form I never use things for their real purpose,
so here's some wallpaper being used as wrapping paper 
and a gift card.  
Have you spotted that the fruit tray is being used as a display unit.

Now it's being used as a table top for my herbs and little tins.

I've made some tea towels with the barkcloth.
Far to pretty to be used of course, they are only for looking at.
I better make sure I tell the wandering welder when he returns.
Besides which my sewing skills are not good and they will probably 
fray due to wonky stitching.

Won't be able to play next week as we 
are off to see my sister in Witney. So have 
a lovely time at your craft desks everyone.

See you soon 
Lynn xx

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The wandering welder and his equally wandering wife

It has been a week of highs and lows.
The lows were visiting St. Annes Square in Manchester 
and seeing the carpet of floral tributes for the lives recently lost 
during the terrorist bombing


A high was being guests at an acoustic gig of our favourite band 
"My Darling Clementine"  and the signed CD that says
"To Phil & Lynn the best dressed couple in the North West"

I've turned into a blithering drooling groupie 
"Oh we've got your posters framed on our office wall"
What an idiot, I couldn't stop myself.
" Oh, I really love your voice Lou"
She probably thought I had a girl crush on her.

The only girl crush I've got is on the Yootha Joyce style negligee
I found at the Crooklands Vintage Revival & Country Fest. 
 Its such a bobby dazzler.

This bag that I picked up at Saltaire the weekend before goes
perfectly with the "new to me" skirt which is orginally from Asda of all places.
Never underestimate George.  

Donna, Maria, Me, Carole

I was with this bevy of beauties at the festival, we had a great day.

And who knew that the back streets of Ulverston were so lovely.
Friends Maria and Patrick, who live there in their 18th century cottage
known fondly as Jolly Tall Cottage, gave us an off the beaten track tour.

No idea what the wandering welder is thinking.
Probably thinking it would spoil his Italian shoes
if he climbed upto Hoad Monument.

Although it looks like a lighthouse its not.  It was built in 1850 
to commemorate Sir John Barrow a founder member of
the Royal Geographic Society

Back  home now after a lovely long weekend away.
Sorting my clobber out now for our next adventure.
Visiting my sister in Witney - Oxford and a visit to
the wonderful fairy tale Gifford Circus at Blenheim Palace

Before that though we are at Bury Met going gaga 
over My Darling Clementine again. This time they 
have the full band with them.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sack the desk, what's on my wall instead

A big thank you to Annie (Wipso-A Stitch In Time)
and to Jo (Twiglet) for the lovely ATC cards.
I have everyone you have ever sent me on display in my room

I'm sorry I didn't join in last week's desk hopping, I just didn't have the 
heart for it after the horrors of the Manchester bombing.  
I live in the North West and it had a big impact on us all round here.

You may recall that I revamped my craft room wall to take part in 
a project called "This Hour of Mine".  

Since then I had a play day with a bunch of friends and we stitched
one inch squares.  

I've attached mine to some vintage floral playing cards
which are now on the wall next to pictures torn from 
an old book on roses that I found in a charity shop.

My wall keeps evolving and my collection of antique books
on flowers is such a lovely thing to have out on display alongside everything.

So I guess I should change my blog page to What's on your Wall Wednesday haha.
Thanks Julia for keeping us all together for the past eight years.  Long may it continue

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


If you have never visited Saltaire at Bradford I can strongly recommend it.
This is English Industrial heritage at its best

Once the largest industrial space in the world owned by Sir Titus Salt who created an entire village for his workers.  Twenty nine streets with more than 800 houses, a school, a hospital, shops, churches and recreation facilities.  Now the mill is home to permanent exhibitions of David Hockney's art, one floor has a fantastic bookshop, you can learn all about the history of the mill on another floor, designer/maker homeware on another and visit the different events regularly held throughout the year.

We went to see Claire Wellesley Smith and Hannah Lamb who had taken 
over the Spinning Room on the top floor of the mill, for the weekend 

We took part in the project they are currently working on "Lasting Impressions".
In 2016 Claire and Hannah over three days collected impressions of over 300 peoples clothing onto porcelain tiles.  Participants wrote a response to what they thought about what they were wearing.
The responses and tiles were archived to go forward to the next stage of the project which was what we visited this weekend.

We were asked to pick a response card then find the coordinating tile.
The card gave details of what the fabric of the item was made of.
Taking a couple of metres of the thread that the cloth would have been made from
we then weaved it into a strip with the card attached

The pieces were then hung on a back drop cloth for everyone to see and 
we wrote our own response to the project in a book.

This is not the end of the story, but it could be if they do not get any heritage funding.
Both Claire and Hannah put this together even though their application was declined.
They have a strong believe that we should be all know more about the history of our textile industry.
It makes you think about what you are wearing and its provenance.