Wednesday, 22 March 2017

This hour of mine on my desk

Do you remember this lovely project box arriving last week

It was filled with treasures and ideas to give yourself permission
to spend time being creative and has the appropriate name
"This Hour Of Mine"

After fiffing and faffing with the beautiful contents for ages,
all of which had a delightful floral scent of hawthorn and briar which I got 
a bit hooked on, I set to thinking what I could create.

The fabric pieces had bondaweb on the back to make cutting 
out the flower shapes easier, so I set off doing that

Next I did a line of running stitch up the length of a piece of ribbon and 
pulled it into the shape of a flower and adding the cut out shapes
and bits of lace

I ironed pieces of the bondaweb backed fabrics to this 
little clipboard and built up a collage of ribbons and laces on top

I ironed some of the cut out flowers to a bottle vase, stuck it onto the board
and added the little embroidery that a friend sent me

And here it is up on the wall in my workspace

Hope you like it.

I'm joining in with Julia's weekly creative desk hopping blog
over here if you want to have a look 

Monday, 20 March 2017

A peep in my wardrobe

After so many lovely comments about my clobber over on Instagram I thought I'd put a few photo's together of how I make it all work.

 Mostly it is all  bought from charity shops, vintage fairs or made from old curtains
 I have lovely vintage trader friends who know what I like.  Among them are Marie - The Queens Drawers, THE QUEENS DRAWERS LINK Vix - Vintage Vixon Retro Boutique.  VINTAGE VIXON LINK
Our monthly visit to Stockport Vintage Village and The Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill Stockport are also great places to buy STOCKPORT VINTAGE VILLAGE LINK

When I start losing my marbles I will be able to look on here at what to put with what haha.
See you soon
Lynn x

with Patti and her Not Dead Yet Style blog

Friday, 17 March 2017

Now let me think......

I sat sitting on my little stool thinking what can I tell them about on Friday
 that will make them smile and allow me to join in Annie's Friday Smiles party

Well I couldn't think of anything so I thought I'll listen to a bit of 
music that might inspire me

That didn't work so I went back to sitting on the stool

Time was passing by and I still hadn't come up with anything

I shouted up the stairs "Listen up Philip, have you any ideas ?"

There was no reply from the wandering welder, he had his head 
in some old boiler

Next up I attempted a bit of knitting, hoping for inspiration.

That didn't work so I went out shopping to see if that would help.

In the end I had to give up, and anyway I'm exhausted now
with all the outfit changes.

So you'll have to go to the party without me this week
You can join in if you like, everyone is welcome
Not dressed as lamb

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I've cleared the decks for a new project

 I was going to show you that I haven't given up on the knitting yet 

Then yesterday Postman Dave brought me a parcel

So after hanging the washing out

Tidying round the kitchen

Clearing my desk

I finally managed to open it

 Inside it is a lovely creative project in a box
called This Hour of Mine by The Linen Garden

The idea is to give yourself some time to be creative.
You are given some guidelines but basically can create whatever 
you like with its contents

You'll have to wait till next week to see any results
as I will be faffing about with all the treasures for a while haha.

In the meantime lets have a look at what everyone else is upto 
over at Julia's place


Monday, 13 March 2017

Vintage Mash

Yesterday was a perfect day for the monthly Stockport Vintage Village event
The sun shone, the scooter clubs came along and the music was fantastic.

We met up with many Instagram friends including Ericka and Phil
who travelled over from Sheffield

I found some fabulous knitwear. 
This Scotch Wool Shop shetland wool cardigan

and this super gorgeous handknitted waistcoat was
£5 from Make Do & Mend

Garbo Vintage & Antiques had this floral cotton smock.
Just my thing at the moment and I've styled it
with a charity shop find top and the mad tights
friend Vix gave me last year

The red and green polyester dresses came from  The Queens Drawers 
who I get a lot of my clobber off and they are teamed up with 
£1.50 cardigans of Todmorden secondhand market.

Look at Mr Dapper Chap in his new overcoat
off Mick at Garbo Vintage & Antiques

 He hardly looks like the wandering welder in this lot.

 The little hair clips on Lollipop Vintages stall reminded 
me of being a little girl and mum putting them in my hair

We couldn't come home without a pile of 
cakes off Stuart Thornley Cake Designs, it 
would have been rude to leave them behind.

My favourite find of the fair was this 50's Barkcloth
skirt off Jane Hamilton and right next to Jane I picked up from Sheila's Store
this handknitted top which goes perfectly with the skirt

MASHing different patterns, era's, styles,textures and colours together 
is my favourite pastime right now.  The more MASHed the better.

Even though I look like I've blown the budget you will be pleased to know
that I came home £16 in pocket and with the red and green dress for free.
You see I had taken a pile of clobber with me to sell on.
I do love vintage shopping with the added advantage of knowing I am doing my 
bit for the enviroment by recycling over and over the same clothes. Yay !