Friday, 20 January 2017

A little chuckle on a Friday .......

I came across one of my old blog posts this week which gave me a little chuckle
so I thought I would share it over at Annie's Friday Smiles this week.

I was laid up in bed with flu when I made this tag in 2013 for a 
weekly craft challenge called Tag Tuesday.

Needing a surface to put my craft stuff on I used my tea tray.
When I had finished faffing and cleared all my paraphenalia away
and was left with just the tag, it looked like it was part of the picture on the tray, 
so I used the tray as a backdrop for a photo.
Then my daft northern sense of humour kicked in and I came up with this verse.

What a week I said "Poor Me"
When the vicar came round for tea.

"Keep away from me" said He
"With your coughs and colds and sneezes"

"Oh, well" said I with a sigh
I hope you realise
That the cake will all be mine

I am glad to say that I recovered but I'm not going to bed with the flu again
I'll stick with the husband

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What's on my workdesk today .......

The only thing on my desk (well kitchen table) 
are these artificial flowers from Dunelm

 I am waiting for the husband to come home from
working away since Friday

You can tell I am making an effort, I've got my pinny on.

Anyway I better get on with things, don't want him 
thinking I'm slacking

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Very Tina Moore .......

Is anyone watching the ITV series "Bobby & Tina"
the real life story of famous footballer Bobby Moore ?

Well on Saturday I got wrapped up, braved 
the weather and went down to the market

What did I come back with ....... besides the groceries

this gorgeous Laura Ashley embroidered velvet jacket, 
which goes beautifully with my dress made from a 
curtain (picked up in the charity shop). and a vintage 
Eastex dress and coat suit.
Very Tina Moore style but without the price tag
as I picked them up in the local thrift/charity shop

Not dressed as lamb

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pink Snow ......

It's definitely mittens and bob hat weather today

along with scarves and cardigans over your thermal vest.

So that you can see me if I fall over in the snow 
I've donned these bright pink opaque tights.

Hope you don't need to come and rescue me.
Stay warm out there  people

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Meanwhile back at the desk.......

 Happy flipping new year.  I thought I would never get here.
I can just see what they will put on my headstone
"She was nothing, if not persistent"

You won't believe the problems I'm having trying to get 
my pictures to upload onto blogger.
So after many hours of navel gazing I've found a long 
winded way around it.  Don't ask !

The opposite view to this is me sat at my desk leaning on 
my elbows tapping my fingers thinking about what I can 
offer as a show and tell today.

Well I have started stitching another winter scarf 
using patchwork tweeds.
Do you remember the one I made before Christmas 
for a friend's birthday. She loved it by the way.

More pics of it here WINTER TWEED SCARF

Need to catch up on the desk hopping so 
I'll hand you over to the lovely Julia over at WOYWW HQ 
for you to be inspired by some very talented people.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Bright clobber for grey days

As we are having such grey days I thought I'd show 
you how we keep bright in our house.

Lots of colourful cardies and a beautiful tapestry
that I get to look every morning when I wake up.

 Some colourful brooches and blouses
  put us in mind of the sunshine to come.

Wrapping up warm in my favourite charity shop find
scarves and cardies is cheering as well.

But my favourite at the moment is this bright yellow
fair isle cardi in the sale at the Edinburgh wool shop.
Its a first for me to be in a normal retail shop rather than vintage or charity ones
 but I had a voucher to spend so it had to be done.

Do you like the eye popping matching tights haha.

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