Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What's on my workdesk today


Hello desk hoppers
I haven't got a lot to show you as I've been getting nice men 
to mend things for me - like a garage door, my computer, 
telephones and a tumble drier

I can show you this little tag I messed around with a bit more

or what about a pile of books that I used as part of a book challenge.
No, okay then how about the pumpkins I saw in the garden centre when I took my 84 year old garden mad auntie the other day.

Here's a link to some more desks if you are looking for some inspiration

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Interesting start to the day

Some mornings I wake and want to write my thoughts down right away.
Like today while I'm reading this book that I spotted on someone's blog.

It's the oddest of books ..... good but odd in that I keep thinking it's set in the 50's/60's or 70's when in fact it is modern day as it includes references to Bridget Jones Diary.  The characters also have mobile phones and the internet.

It's about a girl in Sweden who corresponds with a girl in Iowa by handwritten letters. They discuss their lives and books.
The Swedish girl goes to visit Amy in Iowa only to find that Amy has died.
She goes on to open a bookshop in the one horse town of Broken Wheel and stocks it with the thousands of books that she found in the house of her friend.

This is a print of the fabulous work of  UK artist  Rachel Grant

I won't tell you anymore in case you want to read it, other than to say there are many referrals to real books old and new.

What caused me to put pen to paper today was what I read on page 146....
 The legendary writer Ernest Hemingway once had a wager that he could write a story in under ten words.  
He won the bet he wrote : For sale baby shoes never worn

Hmm !!!

Time to put the book down and get on with things

Monday, 17 October 2016

School sandals...

I do love changing over into my winter wardrobe.
Cardigans and woolly tights.

Now, the tights.... M&S outlet sale £2.49
Does anyone else do the same trick as me.  Buy two pairs so that when you get holes in them  you can cut off the offending legs and wear single legs and two tops.  Get it ? Also useful for acting as a girdle when you've over indulged on the carbs.

Tights M&S outlet sale £2.49

I'm managing to stay in summer frocks by adding an underskirt for warmth.

My 84 year old auntie commented today on my sandals saying she used to wear the same style for school.
My 67 year old hubby (gosh is he that old) said do you remember them with crepe soles.
Well I do remember wearing them for school.  I got these from Clarks shoe sale last year and can't believe how many Instagram friends I've seen with them on in a variety of colours.

This Moseley Scottish wool cardi is part of a twin set I bought at 
York Vintage earlier this year. It has to be one of my favourite buys.  
Its the colour, it goes with so many things.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

The air has been blue

What an electrifying week - but not in a good way.

Electric main cable damaged to house.
Garage door not working, don't know why I'm laughing.

Computer broke possibly corrupt.

Telephones had to be replaced due to storm.

Our tumble dryer is one of the faulty ones, seen on the news, that are setting on fire.

You couldn't make it up could you haha.

So I've got these to console myself.

On a brighter note I did find these lovely frocks at last weekends vintage fair at the Rhegged Centre, Penrith.

The nice man has fixed our electrics and hopeful another nice man is fixing the computer.
Another nice man is bringing me a new tumble dryer next week and I've replaced the phones at a good price.

Don't ask about the garage door though.  I'll just say that Frida my little 13 year old beetle is out in the cold 

Blogging on my iPhone 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What's on my work desk today

No electricity......broken computer.......crikey knows how I've managed to get here but I was determined to show you what I made at the weekend.

I attended a fantastic workshop at Hope & Elvis in Nottingham.   
Our tutor was the very lovely Viv Sliwka better known as Hens Teeth.  
This is some of her beautiful work.

Our theme for the day was "Garden In A Tin"

Hope you like mine.  

Sorry for the layout and pics not being my normal one but I'm doing this on my iPhone. Let's hope normal service is resumed soon.

Have a good desk hopping day 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What's on my workdesk today.......

Have you ever started something without knowing why or where it is going ?

Well that was me yesterday with this book

 The original book, before I started altering it, came from a church book sale in Witherslack, Cumbria for 50p.
The title is The Rose In Britain by N. P. Harvey and was published in 1953.
It was the cover that drew me to it but the fact that it had been donated to the sale by the head gardener at nearby Halecat House made me buy it.
I wondered if he had retired or had so many books he was having a declutter.

 The thought also of it going to landfill if it didn't sell also 
contributed to me bringing it home.
I love the photographs of the roses but i've no interest 
in it as a gardening book.

 The next thing I knew I had started sticking and pasting things in it.
Joining pages together, cutting pages out and so it went on 
with still with no clear idea of what I was doing.

Until, that was I got out my vintage wallpaper samples and that's when I came up with the idea of using it to display the lovely pieces which previously had been gathering dust on the shelf.
I'm quite happy now with what i've done and will carry on with it.

Have a great deskhopping day everyone
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