Wednesday, 22 February 2017

What's on my workdesk ......

I have been knitting again
They are a bit addictive these triangle shawls.

This is the one I was working on last week

It turned out really well and then on Saturday
I couldn't resist the multi coloured Italian yarn
I spotted on the wool stall in my local market hall
in Todmorden, Yorkshire.

So I whipped up another one.

Finished reading this great book as well and by coincidence as I was sat 
at my desk yesterday the author, Ruth Hogan,  was interviewed about her book which 
is her first and is fast becoming a top seller.

Now for another read over at Julia's place

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Is reading a book during the day naughty

This is the super green tweed jacket I picked up on Saturday
in Todmorden for £7.  It's a definite favourite for me, 
I'm even wearing it around the house 

Sunday I teamed it with grape coloured opaque tights,
teal Fly London boots and a vintage skirt I've had for some time.

The wandering welder had a day off on Sunday so we headed over to Hebden Bridge
to stalk the charity shops and have a look in the new premises of 
Hebden's antique centre. It had to relocate after the floods last year. 
The books came from the Overgate Hospice shop.  

I love old books and want to set up a reading area in my home.  
I never read during the day, don't know why it feels a bit self indulgent.  
Working class thing probably. 
 I figure if I have a little area with a cosy chair, lamp and table to hold books 
and a cuppa that I might just escape there on miserable wet days.

As you can see I'm addicted to this jacket and wore it again 
on Monday to take Auntie Gladys shopping.

This time I've put it with my skirt made from a curtain found in the charity shop.
Added bottle green opaque tights and bottle green patent leather loafers from 
Clarks sale last year and of course my trusty charity shop basket

They'll be peeling this jacket off me at this rate

Thanks for popping by
Lynn x

Monday, 20 February 2017

Feeling all Swedish in Yorkshire

On Saturday the wandering welder left me to my own devices so
I wandered over to my happy place - Todmorden in Yorkshire, 
a 20 minute drive over the border from home.

What a fabulous haul I got in the charity shops

The welder wanted to know if the jumpers were for him.
No, said I but I will share with you as long as you don't mind
the lumps in the front when I've had them on.

This little OXO tin wasn't to remarkable until I turned
it over and saw it had a best before date of 1998. 
For 99p it is now holding my 2017 cubes.

I popped into our favourite antique shop 
Picture House Antiques  where I found two super books.
Its not that long ago that we had a clog factory near to us, Walkley Clogs.
You could watch them making them.

As a child I remember people donkey stoning the steps.
We would wait for the rag n bone man to come around 
with his horse and cart and we would give him some old clothes in
swap for a donkey stone or a balloon.

The framed nursery rhyme is going on the bathroom wall.

I love this shop

Popped next door to the Old Coop for coffee and cake. 
 Have you ever had that feeling flow over you of 
"this is where I'm meant to be". Well Todmorden does it for me.  
The Swedish would call it "hygge". Seems that is this year's buzz word.

I'll show you the tweed jacket 
I picked up for £7 tomorrow

Thanks for popping by
Lynn x

I only went out to pay the paper bill

I only nipped out to settle the paper bill
and ended up coming home wearing this cobalt blue wool jumper
from the RSPCA shop

The brooch is the one I made at my craft group 
a couple of weeks ago and the cardi is part of
a handknitted vintage twinset.

I've got a bit of a knitting bug (better than the cold bug thats flying around)
and have started another triangle shawl.

This lovely stripey jumper had to come home with me from the 
RSPCA shop too for the buttons alone.
And at £8 it was very difficult to leave this wool coat behind,
so I didn't.  Like I need another coat and it does match
my vintage leather gloves perfectly.

Thanks for popping by
Lynn x

Friday, 17 February 2017

Some fat bloke with no vest

 Happy nearly weekend day

 and the ladies over at Annie's Friday Smiles.

There's not much going on in the garden yet
other than these beautiful Snowdrops
that have been in there for years and we 
now have three clumps of them.

Apart  from that there's this crazy duck 
who looks like she has crashed in after 
a night of debauchery at a hen do

And there's this fat bloke with no vest on.
He must be frozen.  Although looking at his 
peeling skin he might have had to much sun.

So its over to Annie's now to see what 
she has to share with us.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Pattern overload ...

It's pattern overload today
Pattern on my tights from

Different patterns on both sides of my reversible skirt from 
British designer/creator Stefania

Pattern on my vintage find handknit cardigan (part of a twinset)
from Stockport Vintage Village's - Garbo Vintage.
Maggie has fantastic stock.  That's who I got my antique
petticoat off, that I am always flashing 

 There's pattern on this cotton blouse that I found in the charity shop.
And the reason for this overload of textures is because I finished knitting the triangle
shawl I started last week.

Here's a picture of the back of it.
The wool is by King Cole and the range is Opium,
Colour - Leaf
I got it from a local wool shop that has been there 
for years and the ladies are fantastic and don't make
you feel like an idiot when you haven't a clue what you
are doing.

Just to add even more to the concoction I got these Texting Mitts
from a local company
They are only up the road from me in Burnley, Lancashire.
Love how they jumped on the techie bandwagon with their name for them

Boots by Fly London - colour Camel

We are off to the pub tonight for tea with the neighbours.
Hope I don't make their eyes go funny with my clobber

I am going to have a go at this next
Wish me luck