Saturday, 23 September 2017

Make our day

First day of the Holland's on holiday took us to Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford, Lancashire.  We went as guests of the fantastically talented Karen Shapley.

Textile publishers Selvedge realised that the North West were a bit left out as their events are usually London based and so they brought together a curated collection of 26 of the best designer makers They may have underestimated the response as the venue was rammed so hopefully they will put on another event up here again.

We were all overwhelmed by all the Makers work including the stitched pieces of Corinne Young

I hope they come back again soon

The Holland's on tour

Any chance, said I, of having our ugly garage door transformed into this 

After not getting a very satisfactory reply I went off to admire my recent collection of vintage handkerchiefs 

And to pack my bag ready for a week at the caravan 

There's a coastal train ride from Barrow In Furness to Carlisle involved with an overnight stay and a visit to Tullie gallery to see the work of Cumbrian artist Percy Kelly, famous for his painted letters and envelopes

There'll be lots of reading and stitching done during the week as well as visiting friends, Art On The Prom in Grange Over Sands on Sunday and a drive to Coniston to a vintage shop set up in a village hall.  No doubt we will be diving in a few charity shops as well.

First up though is a visit to Pendle Heritage Centre to Selvedge Makers event.  More about that later I've got a bag to pack first.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A love story

I've finished the stitched love story wallet for my wandering welder husband Philip.  Funnily enough he's wandered off down to Essex this morning so I guess the presentation will have to wait.

The litte stitched image was done by Instagram friend Just_so_sara

The clock template is one of London Textile artist Jessie Chorley's as are the hearts I've stitched into.

Hope he likes it deskhoppers

Monday, 18 September 2017

My Sunday Diary

Sunday morning and I heard a strange noise outside our caravan so I threw a cardi on over my 70's pink frilly nylon nightie and ran out to see what was happening and look what  was floating by.

After breakfast outside we picked up our camera, pencil and the Spotters guide to Wild Flowers that I found for 50p in the charity shop and off we went around the caravan site looking for wild flowers.

Usborne's Spotter's guides are a series of guide books from the 70s/80s that help you identify different subject matter. In our case wild flowers.  It was a bit late in the season but we thought we'd give it a go

Once you identify the type in the book you have to go to the chart at the back and write the number you score next to the type of flower listed.

When you've finished spotting add up your scores and see who the winner is.  

I won of course,  Philip hadn't a clue what to look for.

It was good fun.  The rest of the day was spent sat outside stitching and reading followed by tea in the pub and deciding to stretch our stay out another night.

This is the stitched story I'm working on.  It's a love story for Philip.  It's almost finished now and will be bound in an old leather wallet and wrapped in a fabric bag I've made as well.

The weather has been wonderfully kind to us this weekend.
But it's back to the working week now and then we get to do it all again next weekend.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Seasonal Smile

Autumn is sneaking up on us now and with it for me is a new creative project from one of my favourite Textile Creatives, Vicky Trainor of the Linen Garden

For me the joy of each new project is a series of stages, from the anticipation of it's arrival to unwrapping and savouring each moment, peeping at the contents of the beautiful box then closing it all up again (several times) before I even take anything out of it.

The next stage is reading the lovely stitched script written by Vicky.  Then and only after I've read it again and pondered and made notes will I go into action gathering resources and inspirational images and creating a mood board.

Botanical books from the charity shop helped me identify wild flowers on our caravan park in the Lake District.

For me it's not the end result of a project, I don't even need one, it's all about the journey but here's a little peep at what I'm moving towards creating 

If you want to join me check out the link above or come back and watch the project as it progresses

Friday, 15 September 2017

Blogging on the go

Blogging on the go is easy now with this new app

I can be at home one minute with me pinny on and the next getting ready for a trip out

On a whim we decided to head off to our caravan in the Lake District for the weekend.  First stop is always two charity shops at Milnthorpe on the way there.

I certainly didn't need another quilt but I couldn't leave this beauty behind.  It's handmade and was priced at £12. How ridiculous, do people not realise how much work goes into the making of them.  It's on the bed in the caravan now.

The two botanical books cost a total price of £1.50, they are dated 1974 and the inscription inside this one is 
"To Mummy Margaret on her birthday June 6th 1974.  From Rachel with much love"
I hope Mummy Margaret would be pleased to know that I'm using it in my new Autumn project from

I picked up this pure wool blanket for £6 to use on Textile projects.  That is unless I decide to hunker down underneath it with a good book once the winter draws in